Day 31

Wow! This task seemed very daunting at Day 1. However, it went by very quickly. I’m excited to know that I was able to stick with this challenge for the entire 30 days. On day 1, I couldn’t imagine writing every single day. What would I write about it? Would it be interesting?

I figured it out. Somehow. Someway. With the encouragement of a great writing community, my time of slicing was success, if for no other reason…because I finished.

Day 30- A Corny Poem

Oh no, don’t despair

One more day

We’re almost there

The end is clear

And drawing near

I might even try this

In March next year.

Hopefully, next year I might not write

A corny poem unworthy of sight.




Day 29-Rewarding Exhaustion

“Exhaustion without reward is torture.”

-Kerlynne Ferrer

Today, I returned to work after being on a medical leave for six weeks.  Feeling good, I ubered to work and was excited when I saw that the students had decorated my office door.  All day, I was greeted by hugs and cards from students, parents, and staff. I felt loved and appreciated.

By the time I was briefed by the interim principal for an hour and half on the pressing issues, attended an assembly, completed visitations in all the classrooms, cleared a few days of emails, and met with a classroom teacher, I was exhausted and it was only 2:00 p.m.  I’m yawning and there is still an hour and 50 minutes left!

What energized me was thinking about our school. My staff is fantastic! They school ran smoothly in my absence. Both of my teacher leaders are outstanding, and I received tons of cards that are encouraging. Exhaustion is bearable when you know there is such a great reward!

IMG_5492 (1)

Day 28-Blessed

I have awesome friends. They inspire, encourage, correct, and love me. It seems that God has sent me people of all backgrounds who complement my strengths and weaknesses. I pray that I can be a better friend to the people around me.

Some people have gifts of thoughtfulness, giving, and thankfulness. Those gifts do not come to me as naturally as they do others. I am a good friend in other ways. However, I am hoping that I continue to evolve and give my self to my friends like they have given to me.

Day 27-Power of the Tongue

“Death or life is in the power of the tongue…”

– Proverbs 18:21

Such a small member with so much influence.

It can empower a child to be an astronaut or

convince that same child she has nothing to offer.

A few strokes can destroy a family or

unite a bride and groom.

Comparable to a  nuclear warhead,

it’s effects can be permanent and destructive,

if we aren’t careful.

Understand the strength,

understand the potency,

breathe life into someone’s dreams.

Build self-esteem.

Extend kindness.

Give love.

How will you use your tongue today?

Day 26-The long road

What a long road. Daunting and unending is how this walk feels. Potholes keep catching my feet. I dodge a few, but I am unable to see all of them. My feet keep getting wet. I hate wet feet.

Dehydration has taken my energy. When will I see water? How long is this journey? Yes, yes, I know. I can hear a voice telling me to enjoy the scenery, but my surroundings have been the same for miles.

I feel lost. Am I? No one told me gave me a definitive answer about the next stop. I am tired of walking. I am tired of the scenery. I am thirsty, and my feet are wet.

My cell phone works, but I think there must be a problem with the reception. Every time I call for help, I am unable to hear a clear answer.

The road doesn’t have any forks, it is a straight shot so I can’t really be lost. A destination with water and new shoes is surely on the horizon.

Day 24-Tulips

I don’t have a green thumb. While I love flowers and plants, I usually kill them.  This week, I received two vases of tulips and they are beautiful. One vase is full of red tulips, and the other has hues of pink, purple, peach and yellow. I love just looking at them.

As I sit at stare at these beautiful creatures, I have made a few fascinating observations:

  • They are beautiful even when the flower is not completely open. Even when the tulip is completely closed, they are beautiful. Even as they barely creep open, they are a magnificent sight to see.
  • They literally move towards the sunlight. One of the vases had a number of tulips that looked like gravity had a strangle hold on the flower. After cutting the stem, refreshing the water, and putting it near the sun, they are starting to stand erect towards the sun. Truly amazing!
  • They apparently do not die easily, because they are still here.



Day 23- Unplug

Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes.

Including you.

-Julie Montagu, The Flex Foodie

I saw this post on Instagram yesterday and I have revisited it several times. I really need to learn how to unplug. I am constantly pushing myself even when my body is telling me to stop. Even when I am “relaxing” I feel like I should be doing something productive. People have told me that I do not know how to properly unwind or that I need to learn how to meditate. I am trying, and I’m finally starting to listen.


Each day, I will try to unplug even it if is just for a few minutes. I’m going to start now.

Day 22- Grandma

Yesterday’s blog made me think about my grandma. Grandma succumbed a few years ago to cancer, but she is still very strongly etched into my heart.

My grandmother came from very modest means. A two bedroom home with a garage was filled with gigantic amounts of love and laughs. Every one knew Liz, a  very big personality wrapped in a 4ft 8 inch frame.

She loved to cook. We had big meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I would wake up to homemade buttermilk biscuits and go to bed finishing off the best lemon pound cake. My grandmother lived in Florida and we only saw her a few times a year, thus our time together was extremely special. Also, I was her favorite granddaughter (and her only granddaughter), so she always made sure that I had exactly what I wanted. Knowing that I loved seafood,  Grandma would order Granddad to get a fresh bushel of oysters and barrel of crabs. I would sit patiently while granddad shucked the oysters so that I can eat them raw, while Grandma would get the water ready to boil the crabs.

However, it wasn’t just seafood that brings me back to memories at grandma’s house. Everything she touched was delicious. She took very good care of the food she grew in her garden like sugar cane, oranges, avocados, and figs. If it wasn’t in her garden, she would tell me to go across the street and “shop” at my uncle’s. He grew collard greens, tomatoes, and other vegetables. The food in their gardens tasted so much better than anything in the grocery store.

I loved my grandmother for more reasons than just food. But, I believe my love for eating is tied with the fond memories I have  of visiting my grandmother.