Day -What?

I’ve been thinking all day about whether I was going to participate in the Slice of Life challenge.  What would I write?  Would it be interesting? I finally decided to just do it.

It is character flaw of mine to not want to do something unless I know that I am going to do it really well. It sometimes stops me from taking risks and makes me hesitate to try new ideas. I am going to be more aware of this flaw, starting today. Look for more from me each day.


24 thoughts on “Day -What?

  1. Wow! I just realized you are writing for the Slice of Life…I really have enjoyed reading your posts…I especially love that you spark thinking with a quote. I found your first blog entry fascinating since your perspective on not doing something unless you can do it well reminds me of how you have helped me reshape my perspective on perfectionism…Hope you are feeling better…I noticed one blog entry about pain…I hope with each entry, you feel better and better. We miss you!

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  2. Welcome! I think you already see why participating in this challenge is hard, yet so rewarding! Look at all these comments! Aren’t you glad you took this risk? Jump in and enjoy the journey of finding small moments to share. You will be thrilled with your accomplishment … and to think, only 29 days to go! Happy writing! ~Michelle


  3. This challenge can seem so intimidating and daunting in the beginning, but I promise you, no matter what you write or how you write it, you will succeed. You’ve already posted your very first slice, and it’s all down hill from here! Welcome! Your will do awesome!! And have some fun with this!


  4. I loved your post because it was so honest, and I feel the same way about taking risks. This is my second year, and I think SOL is a positive way to challenge that tendency. Hopefully, you and I both will become a little less risk averse and enjoy writing this month! Good luck!


  5. I think this is the best thing about the challenge: Hitting “publish” becomes much easier, addictive, a drug. The idea that nothing has to be perfect before we send it out into the world is such a freeing experience. I’m glad you’re along for the ride.


  6. This is my first time writing in Slice of Life, as well! I’m nervous but hoping that it is as positive as my colleagues who have tried it before say it is. Good luck!


  7. I am a first time slicer too, and it is pretty scary. I wrote one post and thought, “wait, I have to have a good idea again tomorrow?” so I get where you are coming from. I think you are off to a great start though!


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