Day 3- Gratitude


“The real gift of gratitude is that the more grateful you are, the more present you become.”

-Robert Holden

Gratitude is such small but powerful tool. We have so much in which to be thankful. Sometimes people think of material items: houses, cars, and jobs. Our families often come to mind and we are appreciative for the memories that we share with them. Yet every moment offers a chance for thankfulness.

This morning, I completed my morning ritual of brushing my teeth and washing my face. Being able to complete my morning duties means that God has blessed me with a sound mind. I think and I can do. He gave me the gift of movement as I was able to move my legs, arms, and head freely.  He allowed me to have glasses to help with my sight. I had money to purchase the toothpaste and toothbrush that I used. I woke up and my house was warm and my lights worked. I don’t know how many breaths I took, but were effortless. My morning ritual gave so many opportunities for gratitude. Opportunities that every one did not have when they woke up this morning.


8 thoughts on “Day 3- Gratitude

  1. Such a beautiful and simple reminder … all from your morning ritual. God is all powerful.
    Thank you for writing today. I am grateful for your words.

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  2. Beautiful words today! Have you read “The Magic”? It takes gratitude one step further. I am reading it and it has definitely brought more joy and blessings into my life — all an extension of gratitude. Check it ou!



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