Day 8-Do unto others…

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Most people would agree with this statement, right?  Most people would say I treat people how I wanted to be treated. This mantra, taught to us as children, prompt us to say “please” and “thank you.”  We hold the door for the person behind us and we treat the grocery store clerk with respect.

If you were to ask me, I would tell you I totally live by this precept. Today, however, I had an epiphany.  A close friend made a comment and my first thought was, “I wonder are they going to really come through?”  And it hit me!  That was really cynical and distrustful. My friend hasn’t given me any reason to be skeptical so why am I second-guessing him. How often do I second-guess him and others?

I reflected on this question and realized that when people tell me things, sometimes I wonder are they sincere? Do they have a hidden agenda?  Really?!  What if everyone I spoke to, asked those same questions about me?  I would be offended and hurt, especially if the feelings were completely unwarranted.

Hmmm, but I live by the mantra, Do unto others…. Yeah, I guess there is more I need to work on. Particular, assuming positive intentions of everyone just like I would ask them to do for me.


8 thoughts on “Day 8-Do unto others…

  1. Sam you are THE BEST so it’s hard to choose. The 12 hour anniversary marathon was heaven. I’ve become so much more literate because of you. The obuonvs–aiything Digby, Jeanine Garofalo and Matt Taibbi. Made me get their book(s)– David Graeber “Debt”, Alfie Kohn, Douglas Rushkoff “Life, Inc.”


  2. You certainly sparked my wonderings on this topic…I wonder if intuition plays a part in trusting people. People who have proven to have integrity over time, we give “credit” and do not second guess…because we “know who they are”. Other people may have given us reason to second guess based on some questionable decisions on their part. Then there is a group of people we meet for the first time…while we are traveling or waiting in line, etc….and our intuition plays a part in determining our comfort level… we teach kids to be leary of strangers…we also teach them to be friendly to strangers (hence inconsistency as a grownup?). There are many perspectives to consider with this issue…Is it best to just inquire when second guessing a friend or family member or does that negate the assume positive intentions…Hmmmmm


    • I don’t pretend to have the answers, but I am going to try to change my thinking. I am going to assume positive intentions with everyone unless I am proven incorrect. I think it is healthier for me and most people have integrity.


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