Day 9-Young Adults

I thought raising a teenager was hard, but having a young adult is equally difficult. You look at your child and you are very proud of the person that they have become. Yet, there are still moments of immaturity, irresponsibility, and “You got to be kidding me!”

Young adults don’t quite listen. They appear to be listening when you are speaking, but then their actions are in direct contradiction to everything you said previously. Unfortunately, I am proven right and my daughter ends up learning a tough lesson.

I guess I can chalk it up to growing pains and I am sure my parents had similar thoughts about me. Can anybody tell me at what age this ends?  Just saying.


13 thoughts on “Day 9-Young Adults

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  2. The worrying never ends, it just changes topics and focus. Their choices become better as they experience more of life, make some mistakes, and increase their vision from the “now” to the future. You have sown good seeds, have faith in that. You will continue to be there to guide her (when she allows) and comfort her when needed.

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  3. Oh, man. I don’t know that it ever ends!!! However, I’m living with twin six year old girls and wondering what my future holds. I keep reminding them that I love them always, I don’t always love what they choose to do … I’m sure there will many, many tough moments and lessons learned. I think that’s just called life. We do the best to prepare them. We tell them they will fall down, but they must get up — and we always love them. Hang in there!


  4. It probably never ends! As someone not so far from young adulthood, maybe you could ask her why she feels the need to brush you off? Or maybe she just needs to learn from her own mistakes. Unfortunately, sometimes that’s the way it has to happen. Good luck in figuring it out!


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