Day 13- Precious Privilege

A few days ago, I had someone tell me that teachers do not get paid a ton of money because they have a job that is relatively easy. “Doctors have a more complex job, everyone cannot be a surgeon…and athletes generate money which is why they deserve to be paid well.” This was from someone I loved which made me feel equally disappointed and angry! I wonder how many people secretly feel the same way.

While I am still hurt, I didn’t linger on these feelings long because as an educator I have unique insight that many from the “outside” do not. What I know…

  • Every person including the doctor, astronaut, athlete, nurse, and chef had a teacher who helped them achieve their goals. Their success originated with us.
  • Teaching the conceptual understanding of any discipline is a highly complex task (yes, even at the elementary level) as you are teaching 25 learners who have different learning styles and prior knowledge experiences.
  • Educators become surrogate parents and social workers all while educating students academically and socially.
  • We take care of one of the most vulnerable groups of the population (the other is the elderly) for 1/3 of their entire day. We make sure that they are fed. We are sensitive with our words as we know we can build up their self-efficacy (or tear it down if we are not careful). We are required to be role models as they look for cues from us in what we say or do.
  • A child’s education is a foundation that can make their pathway to success easier or harder depending on the quality of that education.

I could go on, but there is no need to continue. Despite the thoughts of those around me, I know that I have the precious privilege of sharing my gifts with children each day. While I we may not receive the respect or monetary benefits, I know that the future is better off because of all the dedicated educators. Be proud, because we are important!



4 thoughts on “Day 13- Precious Privilege

  1. Great response! I hope you were able to calmly share your thinking on the topic. You said it so beautifully here!


  2. Those who think teaching is easy, have not tried it! What they don’t realize is that a professional educator makes the difficult task appear easy. Thank you for your impassioned defense of the profession stated so eloquently.

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