Day 14-The Remarkable Ride


“I thought you would call me when you were outside,” I said with a puzzled smile.

“I have to do a couple of things.”

He darted to the bathroom, while I went upstairs to gather the rest of my belongings. When I came downstairs, he was outside shoveling a pathway  in the grass from the sidewalk to where the car was parked. How sweet! I thought. He’s making sure that I don’t have to walk over any snow hills.

Our time together was short.  A ride to the bank and then to Trader Joe’s. He made sure I didn’t carry anything from the store. We talked politics and family business. We laughed and debated. When he pulled back to my house, we sat in the car and just talked for a bit. I really didn’t want to get out of the car. It felt good to spend time with him, but he let me know he had other errands to run.

As my father gets older, I know there will be a time when I will not be able to spend this time with him.  However, I will cherish every moment that I get.


One thought on “Day 14-The Remarkable Ride

  1. These moments you’re spending together are moments to be treasured. We often take our parents’ presence for granted. As I approach 40, I’ve come to realize (like you) that time with them isn’t infinite. I wish it was.

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