Day 17-Awareness

Yesterday, I wrote a piece that elicited some great comments. As a first time slicer or just as an amateur writer, I do not know what I am going to write each day. I am not intentional about using any literary elements. Honestly, I write what ever comes to my mind.

If by chance I write a piece that provokes emotion, feelings, or further conversation, then I am happy but again it happened by chance. Yesterday’s comments were great because they pushed me to really think about my writing. To really think about the reader and to think that I can, sometimes, be intentional when I write.

When one of my colleagues asked me to join this challenge, I thought it would be good because we ask students to write daily and we should be able to do the same. It would help me understand the mindset of students in class. She didn’t tell me that I would have to comment on posts, and would receive comments as well. She didn’t tell me the power of this process or this writing community.

I thank blogger and colleague puglo50. This process, in its 17 days so far, has pushed my skills and frustrated me. I love it!


4 thoughts on “Day 17-Awareness

  1. It’s an amazing community — a safe place to share stories, a safe place to take risks, a safe place to connect with readers on many different levels. I think we all join the challenge for different reasons. I enjoy just writing and capturing bits of my life. Sure I try to throw some craft moves in my writing, but for me, that’s not my main focus. My ultimate goal is to connect with a reader. Happy writing – enjoy the challenge, frustrations, and successes!

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  2. As a first time slicer, I agree as well. It has been a great community for whic to write, receive comments, and in turn provide comments for others. I participated in the challenge for the very reason your colleague and you wanted to, to write each day, just like we ask of the students. I enjoyed your post and will have to go read yesterday’s. Thanks.

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