Day 18 -Helpless Part 2

Gravity reaches for my tear drop and it slowly slides sideways absorbing into the pillow.

Listening to the phone ring
No answer

Reality grabs me and shakes me, “It is out of your control,” she says.

Comfort words, goofy joke

Dear Heavenly Father,
The Author, Healer, and Protector of our lives. Please give her peace and comfort. Let her know weeping may endure for a night but joy cometh in the morning. This too shall pass. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

Eyes burning

I’m helpless, but He’s not.
Thank God.


8 thoughts on “Day 18 -Helpless Part 2

  1. ha ha Jeff. Sounds like all of the cobblers kids are walking around without shoes. I have a set of stairs that sits on the pavers but never has been anchored to the house. Every time someone comes over, I see them taking my house in a lawsuit because I don't have time or energy to put in 4 screws. I'm looking forward to seeing the cool stuff come out of the shop. The dust coeciltlon stuff isn't that fun, but it sure is good to have. I certainly don't have any regrets spending the time and stupid amounts of money on mine.


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