Day 18- Helpless

I have a small immediate family, just my mom, dad, daughter, and brother (who literally lives on the other side of the country). I have an extended family that I keep in touch with and that I love deeply, however, we only see each once a year. Sometimes I see them every other year. My family has become my friends and colleagues.

In the late night hour, I received a phone call from a close friend. In our 16 years of friendship, I never heard her more upset. I listened and tried to offer words of comfort. When we hung up the phone, my heart literally hurt. I wish I could take her pain away. Right now, I don’t feel like I was much of a comfort. It’s a feeling of inadequacy. I can only pray and write.



27 thoughts on “Day 18- Helpless

  1. Jama,You and your help are the reason that I could write this post. I remember sitting in your living room and looking through your card files and menu plans and thinking that there is no way that I could be that organized. Thank you!We miss you and your family so very much!!!Blessings,Kimberly[]


  2. Thnx a lot just just for this! I havent been this thrilled by the article for countless years! You ve got it, whatever in fact in blogging. Anyway, Youre certainly moat people that have something to cover that people should notice. Keep about the ouinnatdtsg operate. Keep about inspiring folks!


  3. witam tak jest Ania jak mówisz i dziękuję za Twój kor:ntamze) czytałem już dość dawno fragmenty o Polyannie ale muszę jeszcze do tego wrócić pozdrawiam


  4. Je trouve que c’est un mémo fort utile pour poser les différentes étapes et ne rien ou3U2er&#8ib0;lne petite réticence cependant sur le benchmark, placé en position 2 : voir de nombreux noms liés à un domaine d’activité peut parfois se révéler bloquant, personnellement je préfère intégrer cette phase ultérieurement, en même temps que la validation juridique (au moins, on a déjà sorti des noms – qui existaient déjà ou pas – et on peut rebondir en fonction des résultats trouvés).


  5. I’m sorry this is weighing heavily on your heart right now. Listening can mean so much, so I’m sure you were just what your friend needed in her time of need. I hope your heart finds some resolution soon as well as your friend.

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  6. I know exactly how you feel. My best friend is going through some serious health issues with her husband. I want to do something for her, but all I can do is pray and be here when she is ready to talk. Knowing that you are there supporting her is all your friend needs right now.

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  7. You were there for her. You listened to her story, her pain. Words cannot immediately “fix” a problem. Being there, listening, praying … you are doing more than you think.

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  8. I will say a prayer for your friend. Sometimes (in fact I would imagine often) it isn’t fixing we seek when we are upset, but rather–witnessing. In listening, you bear witness.

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