Day 22- Grandma

Yesterday’s blog made me think about my grandma. Grandma succumbed a few years ago to cancer, but she is still very strongly etched into my heart.

My grandmother came from very modest means. A two bedroom home with a garage was filled with gigantic amounts of love and laughs. Every one knew Liz, a  very big personality wrapped in a 4ft 8 inch frame.

She loved to cook. We had big meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I would wake up to homemade buttermilk biscuits and go to bed finishing off the best lemon pound cake. My grandmother lived in Florida and we only saw her a few times a year, thus our time together was extremely special. Also, I was her favorite granddaughter (and her only granddaughter), so she always made sure that I had exactly what I wanted. Knowing that I loved seafood,  Grandma would order Granddad to get a fresh bushel of oysters and barrel of crabs. I would sit patiently while granddad shucked the oysters so that I can eat them raw, while Grandma would get the water ready to boil the crabs.

However, it wasn’t just seafood that brings me back to memories at grandma’s house. Everything she touched was delicious. She took very good care of the food she grew in her garden like sugar cane, oranges, avocados, and figs. If it wasn’t in her garden, she would tell me to go across the street and “shop” at my uncle’s. He grew collard greens, tomatoes, and other vegetables. The food in their gardens tasted so much better than anything in the grocery store.

I loved my grandmother for more reasons than just food. But, I believe my love for eating is tied with the fond memories I have  of visiting my grandmother.


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