Day 23- Unplug

Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes.

Including you.

-Julie Montagu, The Flex Foodie

I saw this post on Instagram yesterday and I have revisited it several times. I really need to learn how to unplug. I am constantly pushing myself even when my body is telling me to stop. Even when I am “relaxing” I feel like I should be doing something productive. People have told me that I do not know how to properly unwind or that I need to learn how to meditate. I am trying, and I’m finally starting to listen.


Each day, I will try to unplug even it if is just for a few minutes. I’m going to start now.


6 thoughts on “Day 23- Unplug

  1. On the rare occasions that I make dessert, I serve it with coffee about an hour after dinner. I made your apple cake today and no sooner than my husband finished his last bit of dinner he grabbed a knife and headed over to the cake. He loved it! We all did. I made it just as your recipe says. Why change peenrctiof. It is going to be a regular at our house. I’ve also pinned it on Pinterest and posted it on Facebook. When I find something this easy and this perfect I’ve just got to share. Thanks! I’ll be checking out your other recipes too.Cynthia


  2. When we treat ourselves well, we do our jobs better and serve others better, too. I once had a principal who told me that I should take a day off to myself because I was putting in long hours at school and dealing with family issues at the same time; I was running on empty. She could see that I needed to “refill my bucket.” She was a wise woman.

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  3. To unplug is divine! I don’t do it well, am always multi-tasking and beating myself up because I didn’t get “everything” finished. I love the Instagram. Great words to live by.

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