Day 24-Tulips

I don’t have a green thumb. While I love flowers and plants, I usually kill them.  This week, I received two vases of tulips and they are beautiful. One vase is full of red tulips, and the other has hues of pink, purple, peach and yellow. I love just looking at them.

As I sit at stare at these beautiful creatures, I have made a few fascinating observations:

  • They are beautiful even when the flower is not completely open. Even when the tulip is completely closed, they are beautiful. Even as they barely creep open, they are a magnificent sight to see.
  • They literally move towards the sunlight. One of the vases had a number of tulips that looked like gravity had a strangle hold on the flower. After cutting the stem, refreshing the water, and putting it near the sun, they are starting to stand erect towards the sun. Truly amazing!
  • They apparently do not die easily, because they are still here.




9 thoughts on “Day 24-Tulips

  1. Arkadaslar ben 3 yıldır sigaray iciyordum ve kendi kendime bi düşündüm dedimki eğer anneannem bıraka biliyosa babaannem bıbskariliyoaa ben neden birakamiyorum ki ve o anda içinden sigara paketini kırıp atmak geldi evet kırıp attım paketi sonra bir daha içmedim suan cok mutluyum Herkesin bırakmasını dilerim!!!


  2. I can’t help but infer symbolism behind your message in the tulips. They are beautiful even when “quiet,” they are resilient, and they are mighty when given what they need. Lessons we can all stand up for. Thanks for the message tonight.

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    • Poor, poor, pitiful me Celc1y&#82i7;s routine cries of bully/troll are ALWAYS her most commented on posts at Blabble so no, I don’t think they’ are going to can her. Most of her incredibly boring posts where she’s bascially skimming content for someone else’s hard research and work typically garner only a couple of boring comments. Interestingly, her bully/troll post comments don’t agree with her and call her out on her own bad behavior. She really is a nasty piece of work.


  3. Tulips are such a happy flower. They shout “SPRING” and are easy to enjoy. I can’t grow them, but, if I get a potted one, I put it in the dirt in my yard and hope that I may be surprised the following spring. As you prove with your photos, they are gorgeous in any color.

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