Day 26-The long road

What a long road. Daunting and unending is how this walk feels. Potholes keep catching my feet. I dodge a few, but I am unable to see all of them. My feet keep getting wet. I hate wet feet.

Dehydration has taken my energy. When will I see water? How long is this journey? Yes, yes, I know. I can hear a voice telling me to enjoy the scenery, but my surroundings have been the same for miles.

I feel lost. Am I? No one told me gave me a definitive answer about the next stop. I am tired of walking. I am tired of the scenery. I am thirsty, and my feet are wet.

My cell phone works, but I think there must be a problem with the reception. Every time I call for help, I am unable to hear a clear answer.

The road doesn’t have any forks, it is a straight shot so I can’t really be lost. A destination with water and new shoes is surely on the horizon.