Day 27-Power of the Tongue

“Death or life is in the power of the tongue…”

– Proverbs 18:21

Such a small member with so much influence.

It can empower a child to be an astronaut or

convince that same child she has nothing to offer.

A few strokes can destroy a family or

unite a bride and groom.

Comparable to a  nuclear warhead,

it’s effects can be permanent and destructive,

if we aren’t careful.

Understand the strength,

understand the potency,

breathe life into someone’s dreams.

Build self-esteem.

Extend kindness.

Give love.

How will you use your tongue today?


16 thoughts on “Day 27-Power of the Tongue

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  2. yi: only 2 yrs??dee: thanks for giving the link. the diff in the public services in those top countries n those on the lower rungs is like heaven n hell.rmber tt next time ur car runs into a pothole, or the power gets cut off when ur cake is 1/3 baik.dpkney:and the list goes on. thing is, our authorities r in denial so how will things improve?


  3. Words can hurt and they can help. I had some sharp words for hubby this morning and regret them, but followed with a hug, kiss and I’m sorry. I need to think before I speak and try to always speak the positive, encouraging words that he needs to hear. Thanks for the reminder.

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    • Ihania kortteja! Mieleeni jäi &quto;tdooettu" (minulla on tässä sylissä, kantoliinassa, 7vk vanha rakas). Kuitenkin moni kortti oli erikoinen ja kaunis, loppupäässä parhaimmat. Hauskoja moni.


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