Day 29-Rewarding Exhaustion

“Exhaustion without reward is torture.”

-Kerlynne Ferrer

Today, I returned to work after being on a medical leave for six weeks.  Feeling good, I ubered to work and was excited when I saw that the students had decorated my office door.  All day, I was greeted by hugs and cards from students, parents, and staff. I felt loved and appreciated.

By the time I was briefed by the interim principal for an hour and half on the pressing issues, attended an assembly, completed visitations in all the classrooms, cleared a few days of emails, and met with a classroom teacher, I was exhausted and it was only 2:00 p.m.  I’m yawning and there is still an hour and 50 minutes left!

What energized me was thinking about our school. My staff is fantastic! They school ran smoothly in my absence. Both of my teacher leaders are outstanding, and I received tons of cards that are encouraging. Exhaustion is bearable when you know there is such a great reward!

IMG_5492 (1)


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