Day 30- A Corny Poem

Oh no, don’t despair

One more day

We’re almost there

The end is clear

And drawing near

I might even try this

In March next year.

Hopefully, next year I might not write

A corny poem unworthy of sight.





11 thoughts on “Day 30- A Corny Poem

  1. You can do whatever you like with your blog as long as you don't ever stop posting your amazing approach to style & fashion! The new ladgot/yesiun is rad by the way..!


  2. Hugo dips.:Amigo.ecomsrei um aparelho desse ai, tava usando de boa ai derepente agora o windows naum reconhece mais ele, aparece uma menssagem “novo hardeware encontrado MTP Device” e tbm naum entra no menu dele pra mim alterar a forma de conexão nem nada, ja tentei reset e nada, será qual é o problema?


  3. Corny – maybe, but enjoyable nonetheless. So glad that you have joined us in this challenge. I’ve enjoyed reading your slices and getting to know you. Hope you’ll join us on Tuesdays.

    Liked by 1 person

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