Day 21-Good Eats

I love to eat. Some people say they eat to live, well I am definitely one of those people who lives to eat. While I love great tasting food, I am also excited by the presentation of the food. And I eat everything within my dietary limits. As a matter of fact, I would love to be a food critic. However, I was told that food critics usually are able to cook so that knocks me out.

For me, eating is also about socializing with family or friends. It brings back fond memories of visiting grandma down south. Grandma, who I believe was the best cook ever, always made huge meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. She always made a lot of food because somebody always stopped by. I can still smell homemade biscuits, sausage, eggs and grits waking me in the morning with freshly squeezed orange juice courtesy of her orange tree.

We would share laughs and stories over a good meal. I miss that. I guess that is partially where my loving of eating originates.



Day 20-Disappointment

Cracking my blinds

Peeking through the slits

Gray skies disappoint

Reminiscing, I silently wish for yesterday’s sunshine

Oh, I’m so much happier when sunshine greets me in the morning

Her “hello” brings a smile to my face


Noticing the clearness of today’s sky

Listening to the birds caw

Realizing, disappointment is in the eye of the beholder

Day 19- Rebirth

Renew your mind and heart

Explore new connections and experiences

Believe all things are possible

Ignite your passion

Realize you are enough

Talk to yourself- Make it positive!

Hold on to faith


Day 18 -Helpless Part 2

Gravity reaches for my tear drop and it slowly slides sideways absorbing into the pillow.

Listening to the phone ring
No answer

Reality grabs me and shakes me, “It is out of your control,” she says.

Comfort words, goofy joke

Dear Heavenly Father,
The Author, Healer, and Protector of our lives. Please give her peace and comfort. Let her know weeping may endure for a night but joy cometh in the morning. This too shall pass. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

Eyes burning

I’m helpless, but He’s not.
Thank God.

Day 18- Helpless

I have a small immediate family, just my mom, dad, daughter, and brother (who literally lives on the other side of the country). I have an extended family that I keep in touch with and that I love deeply, however, we only see each once a year. Sometimes I see them every other year. My family has become my friends and colleagues.

In the late night hour, I received a phone call from a close friend. In our 16 years of friendship, I never heard her more upset. I listened and tried to offer words of comfort. When we hung up the phone, my heart literally hurt. I wish I could take her pain away. Right now, I don’t feel like I was much of a comfort. It’s a feeling of inadequacy. I can only pray and write.


Day 17-Awareness

Yesterday, I wrote a piece that elicited some great comments. As a first time slicer or just as an amateur writer, I do not know what I am going to write each day. I am not intentional about using any literary elements. Honestly, I write what ever comes to my mind.

If by chance I write a piece that provokes emotion, feelings, or further conversation, then I am happy but again it happened by chance. Yesterday’s comments were great because they pushed me to really think about my writing. To really think about the reader and to think that I can, sometimes, be intentional when I write.

When one of my colleagues asked me to join this challenge, I thought it would be good because we ask students to write daily and we should be able to do the same. It would help me understand the mindset of students in class. She didn’t tell me that I would have to comment on posts, and would receive comments as well. She didn’t tell me the power of this process or this writing community.

I thank blogger and colleague puglo50. This process, in its 17 days so far, has pushed my skills and frustrated me. I love it!

Day 16-The Right Response

I have waited for weeks for a different response. Oh, I know the definition of insanity is to do the same thing and expect a different result.  However, I’ve changed!

Well… somewhat. Enough, I say! I’ve changed enough.

Through my eyes, I see a difference. Why does his eye keep giving me the same response? Yes, I said he. Only a “he” would be this cruel and give me the same answer over and over again. Doesn’t he know the importance of this answer? Doesn’t he care? Summer will be here before you can blink.

I’ll give it more time. I’ll make changes. Then he’ll be force to tell me what I want here. He’ll be obligated to give me an answer that will make me smile.

As I hear a few birds chirping, I am reminded that the weather will be warming up soon. I would love to feel comfortable in a swim suit or sundress and I will…when “he” gives me the right response.

Day 15- Why did you return?

Why did you return?

I thought you were out of my life.

At least for a little while.

I was happy when you left.

Smiling, was all I could do while the sun shined brightly.

Warm winds blew.

Then you.

You came back and turn my blue sky to gloom.

Why did winter return?

I thought you were out of my life.

At least for a little while.

Day 14-The Remarkable Ride


“I thought you would call me when you were outside,” I said with a puzzled smile.

“I have to do a couple of things.”

He darted to the bathroom, while I went upstairs to gather the rest of my belongings. When I came downstairs, he was outside shoveling a pathway  in the grass from the sidewalk to where the car was parked. How sweet! I thought. He’s making sure that I don’t have to walk over any snow hills.

Our time together was short.  A ride to the bank and then to Trader Joe’s. He made sure I didn’t carry anything from the store. We talked politics and family business. We laughed and debated. When he pulled back to my house, we sat in the car and just talked for a bit. I really didn’t want to get out of the car. It felt good to spend time with him, but he let me know he had other errands to run.

As my father gets older, I know there will be a time when I will not be able to spend this time with him.  However, I will cherish every moment that I get.

Day 13- Precious Privilege

A few days ago, I had someone tell me that teachers do not get paid a ton of money because they have a job that is relatively easy. “Doctors have a more complex job, everyone cannot be a surgeon…and athletes generate money which is why they deserve to be paid well.” This was from someone I loved which made me feel equally disappointed and angry! I wonder how many people secretly feel the same way.

While I am still hurt, I didn’t linger on these feelings long because as an educator I have unique insight that many from the “outside” do not. What I know…

  • Every person including the doctor, astronaut, athlete, nurse, and chef had a teacher who helped them achieve their goals. Their success originated with us.
  • Teaching the conceptual understanding of any discipline is a highly complex task (yes, even at the elementary level) as you are teaching 25 learners who have different learning styles and prior knowledge experiences.
  • Educators become surrogate parents and social workers all while educating students academically and socially.
  • We take care of one of the most vulnerable groups of the population (the other is the elderly) for 1/3 of their entire day. We make sure that they are fed. We are sensitive with our words as we know we can build up their self-efficacy (or tear it down if we are not careful). We are required to be role models as they look for cues from us in what we say or do.
  • A child’s education is a foundation that can make their pathway to success easier or harder depending on the quality of that education.

I could go on, but there is no need to continue. Despite the thoughts of those around me, I know that I have the precious privilege of sharing my gifts with children each day. While I we may not receive the respect or monetary benefits, I know that the future is better off because of all the dedicated educators. Be proud, because we are important!